Planting & Design

Here is where the fun starts.....


One of many favourite jobs in the garden is putting in new planting schemes or rejuvenating older ones.


New planting schemes don't have to be enormous and cost thousands of pounds, and I often work with much smaller gardens who may just want ideas for a new border.

Many people are enthusiastic about their gardens however can understandably become overwhelmed and unsure about the vast choice and varieties of plants that are available to purchase.


Just a few of my favourites....
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What can I offer you?

I am a gardener & plants man who has been working hands on with the plants I design with for over 10 years. That time and experience gives me great knowledge on plants, how they behave, what care they need, and what other plants they compliment.

My design work focus on the soft elements of design such as the planting and soft landscaping. Whilst I don't have the skills myself in hard landscaping or construction, I often work alongside the people who are skilled in that area if I need to.

So my design work focuses on the planting and border design.

Plant Sourcing

I am able to source all planting at competitive prices, often for less than you would pay in a garden centre. I have good links with local trade nurseries, and can source anything from bulbs, obscure topiary, trees to large specimens for instant effect.

The Process

After you make the initial contact with me, we can spend some time on the phone talking about your project. I will take down some basic details and send you an electronic questionnaire for you to fill in, to give me more detail and depth and the garden you have currently, and the garden you would like to have. I will also request photographs of your garden and ideas of the budgets you have set aside for your project

After receiving your completed questionnaire I will visit you and your garden and spend further time talking with you and exploring what you have. This visit is free of charge and generally lasts around an hour.

From there I can go away and put together a report, drawings and/or ideas for your design. Prices for this start from £75 and you are under no obligation to go ahead with the project - though I hope of course you will