Simon Land MCIHort

You could say gardening started for me as a toddler. My first word was wheelbarrow. Couple that with my surname being Land, one could argue that it was destined to be.

Simn Land MCIHort

My Background

My career in Horticulture has spanned over a decade, working in a variety of roles. 4 years was spent at the historic gardens at Cricket St Thomas, Somerset where I worked my way up to the position of Head Gardener. I bring those skills now into domestic houses and gardens.

I have complimented the hands on experience with formal qualifications including RHS Level 2 Principles of Horticulture, and a separate Diploma in Horticulture studied at the famous East Lambrook Manor, home of the late Margery Fish.

I am a Member of Chartered Institute of Horticulture as well as The Gardeners Guild

Dirty Nails!

My Philosophy

When we garden we are managing nature. Every cut, every snip is about managing nature. Whether to harvest, to shape or to create.

However the natural world should never come second best to a garden. The two are intrinsically linked and should be cared for that way.

We can't have bees without having slugs. We can't have butterflies without having aphids. Because they are all one and the same.

To break my outlook down to it's most simple form, I am pro wildlife, pro nature. I feel that a garden should be created and cared for with these things in mind, and we should not harm our natural word just so that we can have something that looks pretty. That might sound obvious, but all to often aesthetics are put first.

      - I am licenced and qualified to apply weed killers and do so when necessary

      - I do not ever use pesticides in any form. This includes things like slug pellets, bug sprays.

What I love about gardens....

Wild not formal      Rich abundant planting      Embracing imperfections      Local nurseries      Mulching borders
Daisies in a lawn      Turning the compost heap      Nectar rich plants      Remembering to enjoy it all