Specialist Pruning

'Pruning' is probably my favourite aspect of gardening. Pruning can seem a bit scary if you are not sure of what you are doing -
Am I pruning at the right time?    Am I cutting too much off?    Will the plant recover?
My service focuses on pruning at the right time, to get the best shape, and to encourage a healthy and abundantly flowering or fruiting plant

Seasonal Pruning


Different plants need pruning at different times of the year. This is done to regulate growth and promote good flowering. This could be pruning your Buddleia in spring, your Forsythia in mid-summer, your Lavenders in late summer.

I can help you to schedule a pruning plan for your garden, and either provide that plan for you, or complete the works myself



We are lucky enough to be able to grow an abundance of fruits in the UK. The correct pruning of fruiting plants is essential to get maximum cropping.

I can assist with winter & summer pruning of fruit trees, pruning and training of espaliers, cordons or fans. I can also guide you on pruning of soft fruits such as black currants, gooseberries or raspberries. 

Climbing Plants

Well trained climbing plants can add height and drama to a garden, as well as masking unsightly areas.

I specialise in the pruning and training of Wisterias, as well as all forms of clematis, hydrangea, honeysuckles and other varieties

I can also assist with the installation of supporting wire systems.


Roses can take the form of shrubs, climbers, ramblers, standard, ground cover and more.

Paying particular attention to pruning and training can help you achieve a plant with good solid framework, which is able to support an abundance of blooms.


Topiary can take the form of a simple dome or sphere, but can achieve essential structure to a garden or border.

Topiary can also take more unusual forms from spirals, cloud pruned specimens, or even shaped animals.


Topiary needs regular clipping and training with sharp tools.

Renovation Pruning

This is needed when the plant has either outgrown it's allotted space, or maybe has become diseased or lacking in vigour.

To renovate successfully you need to know how it will respond to drastic pruning. Long term health of the plant is prioritised over initial appearance, and is often better staged over time depending on the plant.


Hedges form important boundaries and structure within a garden. Evergreen, deciduous, flowering....the choice is a broad spectrum.

Hedges need seasonal pruning in order to keep them neat and tidy.