Frequency of Visits:  Fortnightly visits

Charges: Day rates invoiced on a monthly basis

Basic Brief: Maintaining and developing garden areas, including beds and borders, topiary, climbers

Mr & Mrs B contacted Simon Land Gardens in April 2015 to help with ongoing maintenance of their large garden in Somerset. The clients both had full time commitments and couldn't spend time on the garden themselves. They had been unsuccessful with a number of other local gardeners and were looking for someone with more detailed plant knowledge to care for the garden areas. Due to the large size of the property and numerous lawned areas, the clients took on a second garden labourer to undertake those tasks.

This was an established garden when I joined, though without many well stocked borders for a house of this size. It has formal lawns, mixed borders, woodland areas and very old apple orchard in a small walled garden. The best garden features were some established (yet long untrained) wisterias, a magnolia grandiflora at the front of the property.  The house boasts some stunning feature trees including old limes, Lebanese cedars, buxus and an enormous Ginko biloba.


The main task in the first season at this property was reclaiming many of the general borders and garden areas that had all got a bit out of hand. This involved hard pruning of a number of shrubs and climbers, re-edging garden beds and concentrated weeding.

This garden is a ongoing maintenance/development project, and now that the basics of the garden are under control, we are looking at increasing existing planting within the garden with some focused new planting.

Old Rectory, Somerset