High Quality Garden Maintenance

My professionaI garden maintenance service is aimed at clients who place a high value on their garden and want someone who knows what they are doing to care for it.


Whilst I can offer the more basic elements of garden maintenance, my skills and experience are often more value for money when a finer approach is desired. 

Weekly / Fortnightly Visits
Ideal for the larger property where frequent visits are required


Includes full and complete border care, as well as seasonal pruning of shrubs.

Basic maintenance offered as a fixed price option, with more detailed maintenance offered on an hourly/day rate basis

Waste removal is not offered with this option

Monthly Visits
A slightly more basic service where the owner works on the garden as well.
Ideal for small to medium sized properties who require help or expertise with pruning and plant care
Waste removal can be offered with this option
Seasonal Visits
Normally occur around 3 to 4 times per year where the owner takes full responsibility for the general upkeep of the garden, but need help and guidance with pruning of shrubs and climbers, or maybe extra help at key times
Waste removal can be offered with this option