Country Cottage, near Yeovil

Frequency of Visits:  Initial works involving border creation. Monthly maintenance visit.

Charges: Yearly fixed price paid by 12 x monthly payments

Basic Brief: Maintaining garden areas, including beds and borders, topiary, climbers. No lawn maintenance


Mr H & Ms R contacted Simon Land Gardens in April 2015 to help with designing and planting a new planting scheme at the front of their house. The general area was very tired and uninspiring, and the clients expressed a strong desire to have a beautiful border to frame the house which should be a 'riot of colour'.

We moved forward with a hedge of Lavender 'Hidcote' bordering the pathway, and then behind a beautiful mix of herbaceous planting providing an abundance of colour from early summer to autumn. The new border was framed with a hedge of Yew, useful for its evergreen foliage and versatility. The opposite side of the path was completed the following year to the same theme, once a patch of ground elder had been eradicated.

Further works in this garden have included transforming a shady, uninspiring corner of the garden into a beautiful deep border, planted with shade loving plants of a variety of forms and textures. Two small specimen trees were planted included a Japanese Acer and a Magnolia 'Susan'. These were under planted with ferns, hellebores, astilbes, and primulas, as well as shrubby planting such as Cornus 'Midwinter Fire, Sarcococca confusa to name but a few.

After investing on all the new planting within the garden, the clients discussed with me how I could help them maintain the garden going forward. As it was a relatively small yet busy garden, I provided the clients with a yearly quote for maintaining all the borders, with the clients undertaking lawn maintenance themselves. This yearly price is then paid by direct debit over 12 monthly payments saving them time and spreading the cost of maintenance over a longer period.