Walled Garden, near Cheddar

Frequency of Visits:  2 visits per month March to November. One visit per month December to February

Charges: Day rates invoiced on a monthly basis

Basic Brief: Maintaining and developing garden areas, including beds and borders, topiary, climbers.


Mrs S contacted Simon Land Gardens in January 2016 to help with the development and maintenance of their large part-walled garden near Cheddar, Somerset. The clients both take a keen interest in the garden and had made a number of big improvements and changes in the time that they had been at the property. They undertake the lawn cutting themselves and have a real passion for growing fruit and veg, so installed raised beds and fruit cages which are in full production.

This garden is split into two parts. At the front of the property is a large expanse of lawn surrounded by deep mixed borders all with a character of their own. One border is planted under the dry shade of a large old Yew, whilst the others are mixed with evergreen shrubs, ground cover and herbaceous perennials. The house has large climbing roses, and the jewel of the garden is a very old a beautiful Mulberry Tree, which despite losing some limbs in recent storms, crops very well and is a great feature.



The rear garden is completely hidden from the front of the house and is accessed through a small gate set in high walls. The garden envelopes out into formal lawns surrounded by deep borders mixed with shrubs and herbaceous perennials which provides great colour right the way through the summer.


The walls are all covered with a multitude of climbing and rambling roses, grape vines, quine, wisterias and a multitude of established clematis. The rear garden is also home to a productive greenhouse featuring a well trained and heavily cropping Nectarine, and the multitude of raised beds and productive and managed by the owner

The first project I completed here was the renovation of the main rear herbaceous borders. This involved transplanting, dividing and re-organising all of the herbaceous plants, as well as adding a number of new varieties to maximise space and increase the flowering season. We are also undertaking long term improvements to the formal lawns. This includes deep scarification in the spring.

In 2018 we opened the garden for the first time as part of a village open day and received just short of 1000 visitors over the weekend and received lots of wonderful feedback which made all the hard work worth it!