Bungalow Re-design, Near Ilton Somerset

Frequency of Visits:  Full re-design over 3 phases

Charges: Fixed price based on design specification, spread over 3 phases

Basic Brief: Create a space which is easier to maintain, yet with beautiful flowers to enjoy

Ms W contacted Simon Land Gardens in July 2017 to help with re-design of her garden near Ilton, Somerset.

The garden surrounding the bungalow was very tired and overgrown in places. The client was very keen on photography and found the garden lacking in inspiration to provide good shots. 



The client needed a garden that mas much easier for her to maintain, yet had a big increase in flowering perennials and shrubs that would attract wildlife, and also provide good material for her photography.

The new design began at the front, including removing the old tired front lawn, re-grading and then laying fresh turf. The existing borders were simplified, replanted, and laid with fresh mulch and pathway

Garden front 4_1R.JPG
Garden front 1_1R.JPG

The side passageway was completely overrun. All planting was removed and then two large oak rasied beds were constructed, one planted with shady loving plants and the other with herbs. Weed suppressant membrane was then laid and topped with beautiful fresh beach pebbles.

Garden side 2_1R.JPG

In the rear garden, all existing lawns and planting was removed. New fencing and gates were installed, as well as seating area and arbour. The borders were filled with suitable flowering shrubs, perennials and climbers. A stepping stone pathway was installed to lead to the seat and the whole area mulched with bark chippings on completion

Garden rear 3_1R.JPG
Garden rear 4_1R.JPG
Garden rear 1_1R.JPG